Dream On: The New VO+ May 2022 Issue

A new tailor made issue that collects many points of view, testimonials, market analyses and success stories in a special dossier about the US market

The issues of a magazine do not always start off with a predefined structure and clear ideas. This May issue in particular, required closer attention in the choice and selection of the stories to be told, almost as though we wanted it to be even more tailor-made, to offer the public a pleasant reading experience that would go beyond a mere product. Have we succeeded? I believe and hope so. With this pre-summer issue, VO+ has further strengthened its editorial line as a critical, analytical, inspirational and research voice by gathering numerous points of view, personal experiences, success stories, analyses and market trends on Italian imports from the American market in a special sixteen-page dossier. A report on the USA that questions what is happening to Italian jewelry, so highly-coveted in the United States, and how designers and companies are giving it their best. But there are also celebratory stories, such as Boucheron's stylistic tribute to Maharajah Patiala with a breath-taking collection; an interview with Carlo Giordanetti, CEO of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, on how art ennobles business, and plenty of space dedicated to newly discovered talents. And, in response to a provocation launched by two artists-sculptors-jewelry designers, we close by asking the question: can the conception of a piece of jewelry really stem from a question of size and scale, in a dialogue between materials, time and space?

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