Dreamboule, a Timeless Story

From an imaginative creation, born as a game, a new one-of-a-kind jewelry workshop in Milan

Once upon a time...
It was an evening in a small chalet in the Swiss mountains when Beniamino Crocco started to think and dream a new kind of jewelry. Looking to a classic boule de niege, to the magic of the flashes of light and the thousand reflections, his imagination runned to precious metals, to a ring with a dream to wear. The result is today Dreamboule, a new craftmanship, based in Via Landolfo 1, in the historical center of Milan, born half from fine Swiss watchmaking and half from Italian creativity and design. So, 'Ben', a lover of detail and precision, has created a jewel enhancing the imaginative scenarios and putting them under glass, as if to protect them from the wear and tear of time. Here the inspiration involves the watchmaking experience and imagination becomes research and technological development.

How Dreamboule borns...
The Swiss Made cabochon of Dreamboule has a double function: it aesthetically highlights the dream that holds and protects it thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Robustness, correct distortion index, anti-scratch and anti-reflective are the essential qualities of the domed sapphire crystal that required numerous tests before reaching perfection.  Particular exceptional care is taken regarding the sourcing of the rough stones. The high-quality cut of multicoloured natural sapphires of very generous dimensions (from 31 to 46 carats), faceted and cabochon are uncommon in the current jewellery world. Each stone evokes a different context for the scenery. All Dreamboule diamonds are VS1, color G. Each Dreamboule ring contains delicate golden flakes or gold dust that create an iconic movement effect within the sapphire cabochon.  Two additional processing steps are required for the preparation of gold powder. The alloy of paillettes and poudre is in 24K gold. When the all compnents are assembled, the space of wonders acquires its own life and the dream of 'Ben' comes true, with movements, forms, timeless stories.

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