EIP Privé: Try Before You Buy

This is the new online sales concept launched by Net-a-porter with EIP Privé. Only for Extremely Important People

  • courtesy ynap.com

    courtesy ynap.com

Test a luxury jewel, comfortably at home. Maybe trying it with the right outfit and accessories. A bit like in a Ferrari or Lamborghini dealer, when you get behind the wheel of a test car to see if it's really what you want. And then in the end you order a "made to measure", with interiors and finishes that you prefer, with the skin you like best. In other words, "try before you buy", a concept according to which, thanks to EIP Privé, it will now be possible to do so even with high-end jewels. EIP, an acronym for Extremely Important People, is the new digital space launched by London e-commerce Net-a-porter, which for the first time will see luxury jewelry sold by invitation only. But who will these lucky special guests be? The most frequent users of the platform, the high spenders of the retailer, of course, who will be rewarded for their virtual loyalty by having available one-of-a-kind pieces often only available offline. And even creations made ad hoc, and then customizable. First to debut on EIP, Giampiero Bodino, Boehmer et Bassenge, Piaget, Boghossian, Bayco, Nadia Morgenthaler. And it's just the beginning. Men's watches and jewels will also be introduced by the end of the year, while immediately, for an even more one-to-one service, there is already the Personal Shopper, ready to set private appointments wherever the customer wants. Indeed, the Extremely Important People.

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