Embracing Change

The new issue of VO + September, Embracing Change, enters the heart of today's world, with a view to revolution-evolution. It unhinges all the comfort-zone schemes in favor of an ingenious R-Evolution

We left off in May with an issue that talked about starting over, using words that we thought could sum up that strange limbo phase that we were living through: support, vision, connection and balance. Today, we want to start from there in a certain sense, with a revolution-evolution point of view. Having been completely pushed out of our comfort zones, now we find ourselves putting our foot on the accelerator and making a series of choices that we’d put off until now. I like to call it R-Evolution, a process that affects everyone and everything, with one major key factor: the digital world, with all of its various incarnations and implications. Today, it is, without a doubt, the biggest player in  the jewelry world, and it absolutely must be a part of this change in paradigm. We talk about it with the Farfetch, the e-tail giant, and the brand new tech company GemCloud, which is revolutionizing inventory management for the colored-gemstones market. This new direction is also discussed with three captains of industry, from the Arezzo, Valenza and Vicenza jewelry districts, and they give their opinions on three major current topics. And, as always, there are stories, like that of the heir to Cartier who talks about how the family maison has been able to deal with wars and post-war crises, always innovating in terms of style, communications and products, without ever giving up. This issue is truly in tune with what is going on in the world today, and a selection of black jewelry designers talk about how they’ve turned their battles into creative themes for jewelry that break with tradition. It is an issue that speaks, informs and, as always, explains – even with images - focusing on how we are adjusting to this new normal. There are so many different images that we’ve gathered together in a portfolio based on the theme of interpreting the concept of rebirth. Ignis aurum probat (fire tempers gold)!

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