Emptyspace: Listening to Individuality

Call them earrings or earbuds, Echo Ear-Grillz by Emptyspace decorate the lobe using a biomorphic approach to capture the uniqueness of the wearer

The unforgettable designer Zaha Hadid used advanced design and construction technologies to create buildings with bold, sinuous shapes that seem to merge with their surroundings. With this biomorphic approach, she not only created iconic and innovative structures, but also helped redefine the limits of contemporary architecture. Inspired by her work and that of other names, such as Luigi Colani, are the Echo Ear-Grillz created by Emptyspace, the Berlin-based brand of creative duo Berk KavasogĖ†lu and Julien Schoemann, which is devoted to thoughtfully produced clothing and jewelry. It took 5 months of experimentation to arrive at Ear-Grillz. Designed as a decorative element on the concave part of the ear, they become a precious natural extension of it. They are, in fact, custom-made to exactly match the unique contours of the ear of the wearer.

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