Engagement 3.0: The New VO+ January 2023 Issue

In the January 2023 issue of VO+, an analysis of new luxury consumers brings to the fore an approach to buying that focuses on knowledge more than possession

 Platforms for independent designers who only work with labgrown diamonds and stones. An analysis of the radical change that the industry has been undergoing for the last ten years, both in terms of style and in approach to purchasing. A study of who the new consumers are, the so-called cultural pioneers of luxury, and a snapshot on how this sector is broaching and using technology and what it is looking for. These are the main insights that open the year in our January issue. Themes that are defining the new market guidelines and that should also give us food for thought on how to relate to the end customer. Now more than ever, brands and companies are being challenged and are having to measure themselves against an audience that is no longer looking for a “name” as an end in itself, but needs to be informed before it buys. Knowledge therefore overcomes the idea of possession and becomes the main purchasing driver in a luxury Olympus that is increasingly consolidating its pre-eminence. And in the face of an ever-more demanding market, we also find those who, surprisingly, accept the invitation from the giants of fast-fashion, to bring jewelry-objects into everyone's home, always maintaining the sense of design and aesthetics high.


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