Escapism: The New VO+ September Issue

A new tailor-made issue that opens the windows to a renewed jewelry, revealing new paths and challenges undertaken of a sector in full buzz

The buzz of yesteryear finally seems to be making a comeback, perhaps with even greater verve. The feelings shared by several parties suggests that jewelry wants to do something different, or is maybe already doing so by moving towards as yet unexplored avenues and undertaking previously unthinkable challenges. For this reason, we have gathered together voices with different skills and fields of activity, starting with an interview with Valerio Pastori, creator of XBinary, who explains how the first cross-reality designed for those working in the luxury sector works, helping them build their digital presence and preparing them to enter the Metaverse. With Iris Van der Veken, newly elected Executive Director of the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030, we take an in-depth look at the value of partnerships between luxury giants, as in the case of Kering and Cartier for the Richemont group, to advance the Sustainable Development Goals agenda, while an analysis by BCG with the Comité Colbert takes stock of the need to innovate in order to remain competitive, again from a sustainable perspective. The sphere more closely linked to market insights is echoed by usual reporting where jewelry is the undisputed protagonist of our pages. And this time we do so with a digression, not only by browsing through the “showcases” of the big names, but also by exploring faraway lands which emanate sensual reminders with an exotic flavor.

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