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Open just a few months ago in Barcelona, Darial is the new Mecca on a retail scene that is increasingly aiming at a one-of-a-kind experience

  • Darial Gallery

    Darial Gallery

Creative director, Djaba Diassamidze, has chosen a magical lace for this new multidisciplinary space, proof of an experiential revolution in the current retail world. Tomàs Roger House, a building dating back to the 1800s in Dreta de l'Exaimple in the heart of vibrant Barcelona, where 1500 square meters have been converted into an imaginary, deco-style film set. A place dominated by imposing decorations inspired by the exotic that culminate in a series of golden palm trees defining the large and elegant white space. Conceived as numerous inter- linking galleries in a refined stylistic dialogue, Darial, whose name means “door” in Persian, has a cutting-edge concept that unites old-school elegance with an innovative selection of fashion brands, items in constant evolution and coffee table books. A fluidity that sails through brands such as Dries Van Noten, The Row, Linda Farrow, Phipps, Courrèges, Yoshi Yamamoto to dock at a jewelry world that lives well up to the expectations of a public who loves ideas and references from other eras while still respecting a conception of extremely contemporary jewelry. In fact, the showcases include jewelry from All Blues, Gosseens, Lucy Folk, JW Anderson, Monica Sordo and Pippa Small, to mention but a few. A breath-taking film set interpreted in a modern Persian universe that finds its greatest representation in the coromandel windbreakers, the ivory carpets and stone arcades, so reminiscent of doorways in Ancient Persia.

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