Fiordy Studio's Transgenerational Jewels

The jewels created by Fernanda Abrusio for Fiordy Studio cross temporal boundaries to redefine the aesthetic canons of traditional jewelry

An ambitious promise: to reinvent the tradition of working gold through the rules of master craftsmen, but in a revised manner to accommodate a modern aesthetic. It is safe to say, without being presumptuous, that Fiordy Studio has achieved this. One only has to look at the collections of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, which, at first glance, evoke a feeling of extreme simplicity and whispered elegance. These pieces then attract attention precisely because of their design, highlighting a style linked to everyday life and the performative interaction of two objects. None of the jewelry pieces refer to the past; instead, they transcend the temporal dimension. Today, as in the past and future, gold is the true protagonist, supported by white or pink diamonds and colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and tourmaline. These elements are often used to emphasize a departure from classical design, distorting the usual forms.

This is achieved by creating jewelry with paired arrangements of two or more monochrome or polychrome gemstones with different cuts (e.g., marquise, baguette, round, emerald) or with intersecting lines that suggest two opposing forces meeting to evoke the idea of union. Innovative pieces like 3-in-1 earrings, which can transform into three different models with a simple gesture, showcase this creative approach. Perhaps the best example of this innovation is seen in the Handle Collection, where the jewelry is sculpted to resemble the handle of a bag, evoking the action of grasping an everyday object. Everything is done with great skill within small boundaries, ensuring that even the most delicate pieces make a statement.

The credit goes to São Paulo-born Brazilian designer Fernanda Abrusio, the creative director at Fiordy Studio since 2021. Fiordy Studio, produced and distributed by Farilu, was founded in 1992 in Guimarães, Portugal, by Joaquim Faria. Since 2007, it has been led by Bruno and João Faria, who aim to continue the family tradition through their own artisans and renew the image of jewelry with a new generation of designers. With Fernanda Abrusio and Fiordy Studio, this mission has been accomplished.

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