Flying Cloud by Chanel: In sync with freedom

The new Chanel Flying Cloud High jewelry collection is a tribute to the strong sense of freedom of Mademoiselle

The endless shades of the ocean, the deep, dark blue of the high seas, the sun’s golden light and the freshness of the Mediterranean breeze… The new Flying Cloud Fine Jewelry collection by Chanel is not only another precious example of commendable craftsmanship ability but also a wonderful representation of evocative images. The inspiration comes, as always, from the Maison’s founder, Mademoiselle Coco, and the fierce quest of freedom that propelled her all throughout her life. “Luxury is a necessity that starts where necessity stops”, Gabrielle Chanel used to say, and this concept lies in all the new High Jewelry pieces. In sync with the cruise season, the Flying Cloud Fine Jewelry collection is presented in two chapters.

The first one reinvents and showcases the most simple and necessary elements of life at sea, with a series of pieces sculpted in white gold, lapis-Lazuli and cultured pearls, ropes crafted from gold and diamonds, white gold anchors, pearls and sapphires; and then sails, compasses and tattoos, in white or yellow gold set with sapphires and diamonds.

The second chapter explores freedom of movement and clothing that seems to float around the body: bands of deep blue sapphires, white gold, cultured pearls or yellow and white diamonds; large yellow or white gold buttons like those seen on sailors’ jackets. All paired with a gold bracelet and ring in the shape of knotted rope and set with diamonds along with necklaces and bracelets in white gold, sapphires and diamonds. 

The highlights of the collection are two unique pieces crafted by master goldsmiths: a bib necklace featuring a woven design in white gold, sapphires and cultured pearls and a supple rope motif necklace in white gold and diamonds.

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