Focus on The Clasp

By Pariah, Eéra and Gunia Project transform the functional design of a classic clasp, into a veritable decorative feature, with particularly interesting results

Constant Repetition


Guided by the desire to expand the idea of modern and sophisticated yet affordable fine jewelry, Sophie Karg, founder of the London-based brand By Pariah, plays with the fruitful possibilities of vermeil gold, creating elegant yet progressive jewelry. Such is the case of the Infinitum necklace, created as a contemporary and daring reinterpretation of the classic chain. Karg took the typical shape of a clasp and transformed it into a single pattern to be repeated in an ascending movement, thus creating a new type of link with architectonic curves.


Stone Inspired


The story of Eéra, a Milanese brand founded by Chiara Capitani and Romy Blanga, began with a snap hook salvaged from a vintage market in Tokyo, which the creative duo then transformed into a luxurious recurring theme in their collections. Its shape continues to evolve in some of the jewels in the S/S 2023 collection, which reveal a new and original interpretation of the iconic snap hook: used as a central clasp for necklaces or maxi pearl chokers, it flaunts rounded edges and a fluid and organic silhouette, inspired by the rocky profiles of mountain peaks.


Symbol of Inclusion


While the importance of a clasp, which is often just a refined but discreet component, lies mainly in its function of ensuring that a piece of jewelry is secure, there are those who devote their creative attention to this indispensable detail, transforming it into a veritable decorative feature. In the bracelets designed by Gunia Project, a Ukrainian brand founded by Natalia Kamenskaya and Maria Gavrilyuk, an important spring clasp takes center stage in the design, adding a good dose of contemporaneity to the classic line.

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