For Future Reference: A Cool Jewelry and Fashion Boutique

From the showroom to the store. For Future Reference expands its horizons and opens the first boutique for jewelry and fashion lovers in Hudson, New York

  • the new boutique in hudson

    the new boutique in hudson

Their names are Randi Molofsky and Meaghan Flynn. And they are the co-founders of For Future Reference, the agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York that just opened a boutique of the same name in Hudson, New York. «The idea came about through the desire to offer our jewelry designers another genuine venue that could provide them with an environment and atmosphere different from those of the retail partners we work with in the showroom. We wanted to create a true ‘community’ modeled after our agency, something full of beautiful things that dialogue with luxury in a playful and unconventional way.» The For Future Reference Shop has opened its doors to jewelry collections they already work with, as well as to a small selection of emerging brands and antique jewels, a place full of vintage dresses, accessories, bags and home accessories. For the first time with a New York space outside of Manhattan, the FFR shop in Hudson is showing jewels with a retro flavor by young Canadian designer Kirsty Stone of Retrouvai; the colorful harmony of New York’s Brent Neale; and the ‘familial’ jewels of Sarah Hendler. The store is located on 426 Warren St. and was conceived as a true treasure chest holding the souls of both California and New York. A place with an eclectic spirit that interprets the constant dialogue between the two coasts, quickly captured and without many distraction.

  • grandi molofsky and meghan flynn

    grandi molofsky and meghan flynn

  • a corner of the new boutique in warren street, hudson, NY

    a corner of the new boutique in warren street, hudson, NY

  • a selection of rings opposed by FFR

    a selection of rings opposed by FFR

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