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One year later. Exactly 12 months after the start of the pandemic, there is something that brings everyone together. In the the latest issue of VO+ interviews and comments on the current state of jewelry

A year later. Exactly twelve months since the beginning of the pandemic and there is something that we all, or almost all, agree on. While we no longer talk about what the sector’s future will be, there is an urgent need to find answers now, to be on equal terms so as not to be left behind on the technological front, to “run” for shelter and adopt sustainable models and to understand how to communicate with the new generations. This latter point is the opening topic of a chat with Laura Inghirami, the young entrepreneur and founder of the successful project, Donna Jewel, who opens the issue by giving us her opinion on the value system that now influences a young person’s jewelry purchase, because, as Laura says, .while desire was previously unattainable, that is no longer true today. Desire lies in the knowledge of the creation process, getting close to the story behind it, authenticity in what you do and what you communicate.. If we rewind the tape and go back a few decades, we will find a certain correlation with the mindset of artist Aldo Cipullo, the creative soul of Cartier between the ‘60s and ‘70s, to whom we pay a precious tribute and whose leit motiv was “I design for today thinking of tomorrow.” This concept is in line with the comments of a range of entrepreneurs, managers and luxury advisors that we have included in our special dossier dedicated to the jewelry industry’s current situation and which provides a timely and highly topical picture of the scope and new models that the sector, particularly in Italy, must deal with. Starting immediately.

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