G Suen: Tangible Chimeras

Illusion and reality come together in the sculptured jewelry by G Suen. The London studio adds an original, almost hypnotic dimension to High Jewelry

Combining tradition and innovation is a practice that already belongs to the world of contemporary high jewelry. It is, however, the personal vision of those who pursue this path that gives the final result soul. In the case of G Suen, we are talking about a particularly expressive work, that captues the eye at first glance. The co-founders of the London studio, Gearry Suen and Jing Zhao, push the current boundaries between an artistic object and what is actually worn, to take us into a chimeric world where contrast is synonymous with the interaction between digital and analogical, between Eastern and Western culture, between past, present and future. What makes it all tangible is the use of ancient artisan techniques combined with experimental and high-tech processes - including virtual reality - and innovative and futuristic materials.

Each mini-sculpture captures our attention in an almost irrational way thanks to an intrinsic aesthetic power that hypnotizes the mind and stimulates the eye, telling us stories in which reality and fantasy mingle and merge. Like the Systematic Sonata Ring, conceived by following the harmony of a sonata: an elaborate composition made of Baroque shapes deconstructed with virtual reality, resting on a hand-carved sandalwood base; the white surface of the wood balances the electric colors of the metal and gems, inspired by the porcelain of Chinese dynasties, making the overall rhythm perfect. Another small masterpiece, the Chimera earrings, bring to life the characters in 'The Garden of Earthly Delights', a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. They are made using ancient techniques, such as jade carving, combined with modern work on titanium and a mosaic of precious stones. Here, the choice of colors is inspired by the murals in the Mogao caves in DunHuang, a key location on the Silk Road with spellbinding frescoes and Buddhist figures.

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