Genesi Dresses in Pink

The iconic Gismondi 1754 collection has been enriched with a set where pink sapphire plays the leading role

Genoa boasts Europe's largest aquarium and a Natural History Museum with an enviable collection of exhibits. These include some nautili dating back millions of years. It was here, on seeing these marvels of nature with their perfect spiral, that Massimo Gismondi, visiting the Museum with his son, began to appreciate this extraordinary shape that often occurs in the cosmos, on earth and in the sky, in the seabed, encased in rock, in the harmonic arrangement of rose petals as well as in the evanescent trail of galaxies. A winding line of absolute elegance, that reminded Massimo Gismondi of the “Golden Ratio” studied by Leonardo Fibonacci, the great 13th-century mathematician from Pisa, who captured a constant numerical progression in this shape that would later become the basis of modern mathematics. It was the birth of an idea that became creative inspiration and then materialized into a jewel: Genesi. It all took place in 2020, the year in which the collection debuted in three versions - emeralds, diamonds and white ceramic drops - creating spiral rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants, which are now also tinged with the delicate shades of pink sapphire. A new entry that soon got itself noticed at the recently concluded 2023 edition of Couture in Las Vegas, and which promises to continue the success achieved so far by the other precious variations in the collection. A trail of the purest stones, like a galaxy of millions of stars whose nucleus, seen through a microscope, seems to include every shade of pink.

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