Gregore Morin and Jennifer Rabe: Observers of Life

Today, Gregore Morin and Jennifer Rabe, partners in life and work, are the designers behind objects full of inspiration and charm

He’s Canadian and she’s Spanish but they met in Santa Barbara, California, where they both began to create jewels and artistic objects with their own unique styles. Today, Gregore Morin and Jennifer Rabe have their own brand, which has won more than 30 international awards, but they are also partners in life where they constantly inspire one another as their ideas flow back and forth. «An artist observes life, spending time aware of what is going on around him,» says Gregore. «Every day, I work to make sure my work is extravagant, fun to look at. I bow down to nature because just when I think I’ve had the most intelligent idea, I realize that nature created everything before I did, and I’m just now discovering it.» His wife adds: «My objective is to create beautiful shapes with rare materials so that people look at them with wonder and joy.» An example of their work? The Buddha earrings, small engraved sculptures in pink opal with pink tourmaline drops.

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