Harsha Ambady: Jewelry with Indian DNA

The geometry, architecture, and sculpture of India are vividly brought to life in the contemporary designs crafted by Harsha Ambady

  • Harsha Ambady

    Harsha Ambady

Harsha Ambady was born in Thrissur (Kerala, India), a region renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historic temple architecture. After starting her career as an architect, she decided to devote herself to jewelry design, launching her eponymous brand in 2023 with the aim of englobing an aesthetic sensitivity naturally inspired by her country's geometry, architecture and sculpture. The modern, sophisticated and unique design of her jewelry is not only a celebration of a rich artistic heritage, but also reflects the intention of a woman who wants to share her vision.



Among the statement jewelry of the Align collection, the 18-carat gold-plated brass earrings feature a cylindrical-shaped labradorite


A labradorite pendant featuring unique metalwork, presenting a step design inspired by Kolan, a traditional Indian decoration.


An unprecedented version of the slave bracelet, in which labradorite, cut to measure into a cylindrical shape, plays the star role.


A ring with an architectural appearance in which the designer has created an interplay of solids and voids through elaborate workmanship.

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