Hemmerle's Matchbox Earrings Spark the Imagination

Hemmerle takes an everyday object and turns it into a small, wearable masterpiece: the Matchbox earrings sparkle with the light of colored stones

Starting from the charm of ten, small, cabochon, rubellite tourmalines to “sculpt” two small matchboxes with calligraphic mastery: the imagination of German jewelry company Hemmerle, kindled by the particular color and shape of more than 20 carats of stones, turned them into the shining heads of matchsticks. The invitation to experiment, dare and look for the extraordinary in the ordinary seems to have come from there. Hence, with a hyper-realistic hand, a common everyday object is transformed into a piece of jewelry to be worn with a certain irony. Bronze is used instead of wood to form the sticks and iron, embellished on the back with white gold, acts as the usual cardboard box. The Matchbox earrings are a miniature masterpiece that attracts attention, arouses wonder and, last but not least, illuminates the face.

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