Hi-Tech Pearls

Yana Nesper and her world of pearls will be back at Vicenzaoro for the second year running, in a new location in the Icon district

Classic yet innovative at the same time, and always recognizable thanks to a dynamic and versatile design. The pearl creations by Yana Nesper will be back at Vicenzaoro for the second year running. Important news for this edition is a change of location. In fact, the German label will no longer be positioned in Hall 4 but will, instead, be hosted in the Icon district (Hall 7, booth 343) which has always been “home” to those brands that skillfully manage to propose a contemporary style while still keeping the artisan tradition alive. Yana Nesper will be presenting a series of new collections that interpret pearls with a surprising twist. Many of the pieces designed by the homonymous designer have, in fact, the special characteristic of being able to take on different shapes so that the wearer can change her style whenever she wants. In this way a rigid gold choker, fitted with a fine chain and a pearl pendant can be transformed into a necklace with three different lengths and shapes. All due to a sophisticated design, studied down to the tiniest detail which never ceases to evolve.

A concrete example is the very latest “Smart Pearl” collection in which pearls encounter technology. The new items have a Near Field Communications (NFA) chip integrated into one of the pearls which means they can be connected to an iPhone or Android telephone. With the App (NFC), messages, images or videos can be recorded and transferred from and to the memory chip inside the pearl. A truly precious way to save unforgettable memories.

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