Hirotaka, The East In New York

The designer Hirotaka Inoue translates the poetics of his oriental imagery into collections with a contemporary taste


Launched in the heart of Soho, New York, Hirotaka is the fine jewelry label with which Japanese designer, Hirotaka Inoue, recounts his delicate oriental imagery through a contemporary and versatile style. The jewelry, designed to be combined according to the wearer's personal taste, features a minimal yet highly recognizable style of abstract organic shapes inspired by nature. «Observing the minute details of insects, birds and intricate orchid petals is an infinite source of inspiration. I tend to interpret them in much more abstract forms and styles. You may not always see the exact original object, but I enjoy conveying the essence of it in a minimal and simple manner.»

Sea Anemone Chain Earcuff
A lobe jewel inspired by sea creatures, whose details are made abstract to offer a pure and perfect design for every occasion.
Layering Earcuffs and Rings
A combination of rings and earrings showing the versatility of each piece of jewelry created by the Japanese designer.
Layering Earcuffs Hirotaka.3
Matching small circles to decorate the lobe as the wearer so desires. Mini diamonds, pearls and onyx make this particular mix & match precious.
Sea Anemone Pearl Earcuff
Two central pearls embellish the earring which evokes the irregular shapes of a seashell.

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