Iconica, the Collection that expresses the Soul of Pomellato

The new items that further enrich the Milanese brand’s symbolic line pay homage to the company’s DNA

The occasion was the 8th of March, International Women’s Day 2021, but in actual fact, the message transmitted by Pomellato’s “Women in Motion” podcast featuring Jane Fonda and Jameela Jamil, is much more than universal and timeless.  Inequality, privilege, audacity and resilience both of and for women: all themes that have always been particularly dear to the Milanese brand, founded in 1967 by Pino Rabolini, the heir of a leading goldsmith family who had the good sense and courage to continue. Indeed, it is to him that we owe the trailblazing idea of prêt-à-porter jewelry, imitating the model that the fashion world was imposing at the time, especially in Milan, the fashion system set par excellence. The well-studied combinations of colored stones, particular cuts and creative ensembles immediately became the brand’s signature, leading the way and giving life to a concept of contemporary style applied, for the very first time, to jewelry accessories. A real tribute to the brand’s extensive goldsmith tradition is now the “Iconica” collection, the result of quality artisan workmanship and characterized by an assertive personality. For 2021, the company is extending the family by adding several new creations to enrich the parure offer. From the elegant pink gold and diamond bracelet to new items in white gold and diamonds with their glacial and lunar allure. The vivacity of the now inevitable colored gems is certainly not lacking, celebrated with a new bracelet adorned with multi-colored stones and chain earrings that elegantly embellish the outline of the face. 


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