In Conversation with Giulio Papi

The "Gotha" of the world of watches will gather at Vicenzaoro, VO Vintage new area, to talk about vintage watches

Giulio Papi, Sandro Fratini and Stefano Mazzariol: these are the three protagonists of the history of the vintage watchmaking world who will meet from Saturday 18 to Monday 20, January 2020 in the exclusive VO VINTAGE new show, an exclusive format entirely dedicated to the collectors segment with unique pieces and rarities among the most sought after in the world of watchmaking and vintage jewelery, scheduled during Vicenzaoro January 2020. 

Giulio Papi is by far one of the greatest living watchmakers, at the head of the high-end division of the famous Audemars Piguet manufacture, which has been able to create watches over the years that have marked the history of contemporary watchmaking. He will be the guest star of the inaugural day of VO VINTAGE with the exclusive interview around the theme of the true meaning of high-end watchmaking over time (Saturday 18/01 h. 15, Hall 8.1, Sala Canova): an excursus history to analyze who, where, how and when he expressed and expresses today the absolute excellence for finishes and decorations of the best mechanical movements and related complications, between luxury industry and extreme craftsmanship.

The inaugural talk show will also take place on Saturday 18 January, which will officially kick off at 11.00 in Vo Vintage, entitled “Between passion and investment. The sense of the modern watch market "(Hall 7.1 - Tiziano Room). The talk will see the participation of internationally recognized experts of both vintage and contemporary watches who will share their visions and perspectives in an in-depth study of very high interest for all fans.    Sunday 19th January will be the turn of a lectio magistralis by Stefano Mazzariol, one of the greatest experts of Rolex Daytona in the world. Antiques dealer, dealer, surveyor and vintage watchmaker with over thirty years of experience, he is the author of two real "bibles" for fans: "Rolex Daytona from birth to myth" and "Ultimate Rolex Daytona".

Starting at 11.00 (Hall 8.1, Sala Canova) he will explain to the public of collectors and enthusiasts the philosophy behind the idea of ​​collecting high-end mechanical watches and how, over the decades, the approach of collectors has changed, analyzing the watershed between those who in the "old school" continue to love clocks marked by time and those who prefer a restoration like new.    Also on Sunday, at 3 pm, Vincent Calabrese, great independent master watchmaker, member of the AHCI - Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants, will illustrate the real difference between the two rotating escapement systems, the Carousel and the Tourbillon, also putting them in relief advantages and defects.

VO VINTAGE closes the guru par excellence of the watchmaking world of the time, Sandro Fratini, who with his legendary collection of 2 thousand watches for an estimated value of 1 billion euros has for decades been the largest collector in the world. Monday 20 January at 11 am (Hall 8.1, Sala Canova) Fratini will talk about its experience, anecdotes and curiosities in the interview entitled "Discovering the Holy Grail of collecting".

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