InBilico and Nove25: Free to Shine

Silver and lab-grown diamonds for the first jewelry collection to come from the collaboration between the two Milanese brands, Nove25 and InBilico

  • Roberto Di Benedetto

    Roberto Di Benedetto

On the one hand, Roberto Dibenedetto, deus ex machina of the famous Milanese brand Nove25, which, for over 20 years, has been recognized in Italy and abroad for its ability to revolutionize silver jewelry in terms of shape, volume and price range. It is especially famous for the My Nove25 concept by which the jewel can be customized with the company’s ad hoc configurator.

On the other hand, Fiammetta Cicogna, co-founder of the InBilico brand which, in just two years, has brought jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds to the Italian market, becoming a pioneer of a new ethical culture in jewelry.

How did this partnership come about?
«We met at Vicenzaoro,» Roberto Dibenedetto tells us. «I had already started studying the world of lab-grown diamonds and we realized that its immense potential was already in some way part of the Nove25 world. However, we also saw the need to make the cultured diamond known to a public that still knew nothing about it. We immediately had the idea of a capsule collection because we both wanted to do something different.»

Fiammetta Cicogna adds, «In the USA and Northern Europe, the world of lab diamonds is already a more developed concept. Our claim, “Free to Shine”, is a tribute to the right to shine movement and the choice of the snake as the collection’s icon is representative of Nove25, of me as a woman and as a concept of strength, freedom and union,» Fiammetta concludes.

What attracted one to the other?
«We were united by the desire to do something different and break the mold,» Roberto continues. «A series of events led us to meet, a wonderful opportunity that immediately put us on the same wavelength.»

Ethics and sustainability. What is your position on this?
«When I talk about sustainability, I like the expression “technological enlightenment”. I came into jewelry from stone,» Fiammetta explains. «It was the technology behind the creation of the most precious stone that caught my attention. I found such a sexy energy behind the idea of making a diamond! We decided to grow them in the laboratory because, in Antwerp, where they are produced, we are sure to only use renewable energy. Because, nowadays, if you decide to launch a new brand, it is your duty to respect a code of ethics.»

Roberto Dibenedetto adds, «We are on the market with a new product in order to build customer loyalty and because experimenting gives us a great deal of satisfaction. Returning to the subject of sustainability, for us, this is all linked to the concept of customization, and since we will soon be launching the Nove25 Gold project, in our case, sustainability always depends on the fact that a piece of jewelry is only put into production at the customer's request.»

Fiammetta Cicogna concludes, «In this collaboration it is important to speak about everything, from sustainability to product. We have to create a culture for the customer with the aim of not having to talk about sustainability in the future because ethical values should be intrinsic.»

Roberto dibenedettp Roberto Roberto Dibenedetto 

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