Indian H. Ajoomal's Non-Conventional Mixes

From fossil ammolite to vegetable ivory and combining biomaterials with precious woods and diamonds. An unconventional mix for Indian H. Ajoomal

They call him the futurist. Passionate about art, architecture and the history of jewelry, Harshad Ajoomal's creations dialogue with the past, carefully following the latest fashion trends to define the new direction of Indian avant-garde jewelry. His latest collections are a triumph of unconventional details thanks to combining unusual, highly colorful and extremely rare gems. From geode, a stone nodule with a crystal-lined cavity, to ammolite, which features fine, iridescent layers of ammonite fossil shells, to vegetable ivory, obtained from tagua seeds and the white and extremely hard endosperm produced by certain types of palm trees. H. Ajoomal's creations fascinate with their sculptural and distinctive aesthetics and strong identity, opening the doors of the art world to collectable earrings in which even sustainable wood, worked with sanded matt gold textures, white and coffee-colored diamonds, finds its most precious refuge.

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