Insta Jewels by VO+: The Beauty of Jewelry in Real Time

Eight jewelry brands and the Alo Photo Sphere “photographic studio" special: the protagonists of Insta Jewels by VO+, a project created to disseminate the traditional beauty of jewelry through cutting-edge technologies

  • Tagliamonte


How can the most advanced technology co-exist with a goldsmith tradition so rooted in manual manufacture? Alo.Zone, a company based in Arezzo, has developed a highly technological machine able to provide somewhat magical results: Alo Photo Sphere contains, in unexpected dimensions, all the possibilities of a veritable photographic studio. Designed and developed with the goldsmith sector in mind and for the purpose of providing the best environment for obtaining the right image in the shortest possible time, it captures all the beauty of a jewel from every angle and viewpoint. Its revolutionary system was a perfect “live set” during the recent edition of Vicenzaoro in March 2022. There, at Europe's most prestigious jewelry boutique show, several companies were able to test Alo Photo Sphere's advanced technology by adhering to the Insta Jewels project, organized in partnership with VO+ Magazine.

  • Tagliamonte


  • Cameo & Beyond

    Cameo & Beyond

  • Coscia


  • Evanueva


The project gave brands the chance to take all-in-one photos and videos and put them to immediate use on their own platforms. The resulting images were also transmitted on VO+'s Instagram channel, @vo_plusjewelry. An opportunity that allowed the various communities to discover fascinating new creations by Cameo & Beyond, which presented a new series of cameos, worked in an unprecedented way; the jewelry line by Coscia, designed to give a new voice to pearl, that emblem par excellence of feminine elegance; opulent semi-precious gem creations by Evanueva; the sculptural geometric patterns in the latest collection launched by Femar; highly evocative pieces by Roberto Bravo, which focus on careful design and bold colors; tennis bracelets and necklaces with multi-colored precious gems by Sanket; new chain models proposed by Schofer and Tagliamonte’s jewelry inspired by myths and legends of ancient Greek-Roman culture.

  • Roberto Bravo

    Roberto Bravo

  • Sanket


  • Schofer


  • Femar


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