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“Jewels from a wunderkammer”, the Virtual Exhibition by Giovanni Raspini

Giovanni Raspini offers an online exhibition of twenty-one necklace, waiting to be discovered

"Jewels from a wunderkammer" is the new exhibition that Giovanni Raspini brings online from today, November 4th on www.gioiellidaunawunderkammer.it, offering an intense and fascinating virtual experience. The Tuscan artist, famous for his silver creations, presents twenty-one wonderful necklaces which encapsulate his “Wunderkammer”. Each of the jewels holds a different inspiration, curiosities and "alchemical" secrets that can be discovered with a click. Raspini will accompany some short documentaries, telling what a wunderkammer is and how the necklaces were designed and made. «The creations crafted for “Jewels from a wunderkammer,” – as Giovanni Raspini tells – “are all unique pieces and arise from the desire to amaze and inspire a sense of wonder. The wunderkammer evokes a mysterious world, full of alchemy, oddities, phantasmagorical whims and esoteric presences. Things, objects and works of art are shown in a celebration of astonishment and emotional subjectivity. And this also applies to the jewelry in our exhibition». The exhibition is accompanied by the catalog of the same name, with a preface by Franco Cardini and published by Edifir Firenze.

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