Jewels in Motions by Serafino Consoli

When instinct is combined with creativity, technique and a touch of genius, unique things are formed. Like the ring by Serafino Consoli, which becomes a bracelet with a simple motion

A ring or a bracelet? A bracelet or a ring? Why choose if you can have both? Serafino Consoli came up with a solution for this, making something truly unique and never before seen. Thanks to a mechanism conceived and developed exclusively for the company, a ring transforms into a bracelet with a simple motion! A dream becomes reality and a challenge is won by a designer, who gave shape (and a name!) to a jewelry masterpiece. Eighteen-carat white, pink, black and yellow gold along with white diamonds, rubies, sapphires or tsavorite are combined with technique and high precision. A piece to collect with a one-of-a-kind soul that makes versatility its strong point.

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