Jungle Fever: the Unexpected Jewel by Syz Fireworks

Enormous plasticity and infinite color possibilities. These are some of the qualities of titanium, a fine material that is now also becoming precious. As in the new collection by Syz Fireworks, Isabelle and Suzanne Syz

Green or blue? It’s up to you! «Titanium finishing can vary, as can that of the gold and the color of the accompanying diamonds. Pink gold, white and brown diamonds (280 in all) in the case of the green Jungle Fever, white gold, diamonds and sapphires for the blue Shooting Stars. These are just two of the versions in this hand-made collection that uses titanium as its leading player, a material that is now “common” even in high jewelry due to its malleability and plasticity,» says Isabelle Syz. The jewelry designer also played with the shapes, which reproduce extremely realistically, both visually and to the touch, bamboo canes. Both of these creations are featured in Syz Fireworks, a brand generated by a partnership between Isabelle and Suzanne Syz. An unusual artistic duo made up of daughter- in-law and mother-in-law.

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