Just Like Being in “Piazzetta” for Chantecler

The Vip Lounge by Chantecler brings the historical brand’s Capri charm to Vicenzaoro. Together with the latest Chérie and Paillettes creations

For Chantecler, the January edition of Vicenzaoro will be one to remember: for its very first participation at the Show, the historical company from Capri will be exclusively organizing the Vip Lounge, offering the same familiar charm for which the brand has always stood out. While savoring the most genuine cuisine from Campania, visitors can admire all the best sellers bearing the “golden cockerel” trademark and especially the two latest collections, Chérie and Paillettes. Besides pearls and red coral, the company’s musts, Chérie proposes jewelry in onyx, turquoise and hard stones, matched with gold and diamonds in elegant micro sautoirs, ring and earrings, trimmed with white, green, pink, black and turquoise blue enamel. “Tremblant”, reminiscent of days gone by but which fully reflects the brand’s philosophy. The same stylistic and chromatic leitmotivs can be found in Paillettes, where color is created using the ancient cathedral enamel technique. A refined echo of Art Nouveau jewelry. Clear signs of how old traditions and contemporary style meet, once again, in creations by Chantecler.

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