Katharina Beilstein's Sculptural Embraces

The creations of the German designer and artist Katharina Beilstein are mini sculptures with a fluid character

The jewels created by Katharina Beilstein are veritable sculptural works to be admired or worn. After gaining a master's degree in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf and a lengthy experience in various fields of craftsmanship, the German designer and artist has developed a particular personal style that is difficult to place in a conventional category. Her work is based on a constant exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of interdisciplinary design, resulting in creations with a sensitive character and enormous personality, all handmade using the lost wax technique and with a final surface polishing process, applied to enhance the details of the sinuous shapes.


Ring N° 57.8.JR, 2022 

A ring with a distinctly sculptural circular shape, the top and bottom of which can be inverted. 

Bangle N° 57.4.JR, 2022 

A bangle that pays homage to the concept of fluidity. Its “free” waves are the result of lost-wax processing. The two ends cross without touching. 

Bangle N° 56.1.JR, 2021 

A bangle boasting a curved shape, the result of an intuitive process, featuring a smooth mirror-like surface. 

Ring N° 55.1.JR, 2021 

A particular ring that stands out due to its long and sinuous edges. Although worn on one finger only, it decorates the entire hand. 

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