Let’s go to Munich!

More than 100 events in five days. This is Munich Jewellery Week. With 3 projects crossing from precious creations to photography and design

  • Paolo Marcolongo Grass Ring Silver

    Paolo Marcolongo Grass Ring Silver

More than 100 events in five days. A kind of "fuorisalone" but of the jewel, and in Munich. In this kermesse known to professionals and enthusiasts of the genre as MJW, alias Munich Jewellery Week, which this year sees its third edition taking place from March 13rd to 17th, three projects have also found worthy space, coordinated by the art curator Ilaria Ruggero, founder of A/dornment, whose focus is based on Contemporary Art Jewelery. Three different projects that embrace the vastness of artistic production related to jewelry and beyond. In fact, the common trait of initiatives is the desire to relate to the other arts and get out of preconceived schemes. The staff of Paolo Marcolongo, entitled "Jewelery and Objects", is on show until 17 March in the Ingo Maurer showroom, in Kaiserstrasse 47, where the artist's jewels, one of the most significant names of the Scuola Orafa Padovana, they are literally put in the spotlight thanks to the creations of Maurer, designer author of some of the most widespread lamps and lighting systems in the world. The exhibition presents the artistic production of recent years expressed both in jewelry and in objects, mainly glass vases and sculptures. A compendium of his research that brings together several series and collections. In Schwanthalerstraße the other two projects have found location: at 176, at the ABC Westside Galerie, you can admire the unpublished collections of 13 artists of different nationalities who have been invited to work on the idea of political body, public and collective: Vivien Bedwell, Daria Borovkova, Corrina Goutos, Satomi Kawai, Anna Lewis, Nina Lima, Daniel Ramos Obregón, Daniella Saraya, Hansel Tai, Martina Turini, Tanel Veenre, María Ignacia Walker, Snem Yildirim. Title of the exhibition, Nuda Vita - The practice of collective and political body. Starting from an iconic element, belonging to their own culture of origin, and linked to a form of oppression of collective and individual freedom, each of them has developed a work inspired by the chosen theme. And the result, often truly surprising and innovative, is there to be seen. At 141, at the Werkschau headquarters. Galerie für Objekte + Bilder, there is the Adagio.Uno - A special edition exhibition. Here, to meet artistically are photography and jewelry. Such as? Through Letizia Maggio's wearable creations on one side and the photographic productions of video artist Alice Brazzit. Cameo of the project, the presence of the Japanese Megumi Isono and the Mexican Raquel Bessudo, who together with the two Italians give shape to a sophisticated investigation open on the themes of time and memories.

  • Siem Yildirim Daily Obedience

    Siem Yildirim Daily Obedience

  • Paolo Marcolongo Brooch Silver and Murano Glass

    Paolo Marcolongo Brooch Silver and Murano Glass

  • Letizia Maggio NTN Necklace from the Adagio.Uno collection

    Letizia Maggio NTN Necklace from the Adagio.Uno collection

  • Raquel Bessudo Tracings VI

    Raquel Bessudo Tracings VI

  • Satori Kawai Smile in black series NUDA VITA

    Satori Kawai Smile in black series NUDA VITA

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