Mentorship: Silvia Furmanovich

Silvia Furmanovich choses Rodrigo Massot as the jewelry talent to keep an eye on





«I love the fact that Rodrigo Massot’s works pay tribute to the native cultures and craftsmanship of his homeland. Moreover, he shows an appreciation for daring color and he knows how to use it, and dares to do so, fearlessly.» 

«My name is Rodrigo Massot, I ́m 28 years old and I’m currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. I had the good fortune to live in various countries during my upbringing, including the Czech Re- public, Greece, Lebanon, Holland and, of course, Brazil. I studied industrial design at the institute of design and graduated in 2012. During my years at university I worked with Silvia Furmanovich, who taught me a lot about the business and about being a professional. I really admire and respect her. After that, I worked with Armenian goldsmiths in Bourj Hammoud, Beirut, Lebanon for 2 years, where I learned a lot about intricate jewelry making techniques, they are exceptional craftsmen. I ́ve had my brand since 2012 when I started ex- ploring and delving into my fascination for ancient history. I ́m also very interested in researching the nature and its complexity, as of late, I ́ve been diving and gathering inspiration from the ocean and its vulnerable ecosystems. My design concept is based on the livelihood and vivacious- ness of the Brazilian women I ́ve had the pleasure of having in my life, such as my mother.» 


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