Met Museum: About Time to Celebrates its 150th Anniversary

Museum halls set up as giant clocks marking the evolution of fashion over the course of the centuries for the Met 150th anniversary. Dials and watch cases as main elements of high jewelry pieces. Welcome to a new language about time

Huge clock dials whose hands, in 60 seconds, spell out the passing of fashion through time. And every minute that passes illustrates two outfits. The first alludes to the linear nature of fashion while the second shows its cyclical character that returns at almost regular intervals. Pairs of outfits with common connections in terms of shape, material, model, decor and assembly techniques, like, for example, a princess-like dress in black silk faille from the late 1870s matched with a 1995 Alexander McQueen “Bumster” skirt, in a close dialogue between styles and eras that are very distant yet never so close. The staging concept designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of New York’s Met, rotates around the theme of time which, “browsed” like an immense lookbook of a haute couture fashion house, with 120 different models up on comparison, detail after detail, visually shows the visitor how fashion has evolved over the centuries. The sense of the exhibition "About Time. Fashion and Duration" - that will open next October 29th - and of the collections that the Met has put together in a century and a half, through works of every kind of creative genre to tell over 5,000 years of history, is there to allow us to reflect on how chronologically distant eras are often interconnected.
And evolution and experimentation are also the values that guide the creative inspiration of two high jewelry brands, Dreamboule and Anna Maccieri Rossi, which have made the timepiece industry their trademark and incipit. Having grown up in Hublot, the company his father founded in 1979, Beniamino Crocco launched Dreamboule in 2018, which unites idea and watch assembly techniques with elegance and jewelry craftsmanship. «Refined arts, ancient know-how and innovative techniques meet, challenge each other and, in the end, surprisingly interact: this is our Fusion Of Arts. Dreamboule plays with the value of time and the dream and memory dimension which are transformed into scenarios using 18k gold and gems. Jewelry thus becomes a precious treasure chest that protects the fleeting nature of the external world’s frenetic rhythm. The Swiss Made sapphire crystal glass encases a dream-like microcosm that exists at a slow and suspended pace, in other words, at the speed of dreams, marked by the flow of our Dream Solution, a secret neutral liquid with a special density», says Crocco, talking about his rings that have something magical about them, like the snow globes that originally inspired him. «Assembled manually by a team of goldsmiths, watchmakers and chemists in the Milanese workshops in Brera, our creations are objects that, besides being poetic and romantic, also include high-tech content, the result of four years of research and development, which led to achieving absolute engineering perfection».

Anna Maccieri Rossi’s career, on the other hand, was that of a luxury watch designer who was so bewitched by the art of movement as to make it the main focus of her jewelry collections. And so, after having designed successful wrist watches for Jaeger-Le Coultre, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari and Salvatore Ferragamo – where she is still the Senior Watch Manager and Designer - Anna is now the owner of a company bearing her name where the jewelry lines are conceived to enhance aesthetic and technical details reminiscent of timepieces. The latest collections to come out of the Maccieri house are Carpe Diem and Night and Day, whose very names already evoke this world made of passing minutes, hours and days. «With these two collections, rather than a purely aesthetic concept, I wanted to express the desire to encourage people’s awareness of truly capturing the sense of time. There is nothing more precious and I like to think that, looking at, or rather, wearing these jewelry items, one can really understand that every instant matters. Carpe Diem represents this thought, also expressed technically by the watch movement that both pieces feature: the star-shaped pointer at the center moves constantly, every second, dialfree. Nothing functional then, just a slow beating of time as it passes to be captured and experienced. Night and Day, however, encases its particularity in a gesture: just turn the necklace and mother-of-pearl makes room for blue aventurine and it becomes a perfect jewel for the evening. A simple yet effective game of style.»

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