Multi-Colored and Multi-Sized Elegance. By Serafino Consoli

Sapphires, diamonds, rubies and tsavorites create unexpected color games making this stunning jewelry even more unique, thanks to a globally patented technology

The fascination of mechanics. This could be the “slogan” for Serafino Consoli’s most transformable and “technological”, as well as most colorful, collection ever with its unprecedented combinations of sapphires, rubies, tsavorites and diamonds. A rainbow of unusual colors as extraordinary as the fact of being two items in one at the same time. A ring that becomes a bracelet, and, vice versa, a bracelet that becomes smaller and smaller until it ends up as a ring to perfectly fit the wearer. Earrings and pendants that change shape to suit the outfit or occasion. One of the surprising values of these creations, the result of lengthy laboratory and design studies, integrated and mutually supporting manual skills and technique, is their multi-measurement feature which covers more than 20 ring sizes. For a result that, in itself, contains all the aspects of the very best Italian manufacture.   

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