My Story in Chapters

Roberto Coin tells his story through a sequel of photos and memories to celebrate 25 years of creativity

The Ruby, The Story of the brand, The Italian Tour: Venice, Natura and its Golden Realm and Uniqueness. Five chapters that Roberto Coin has divulged so far in his weekly newsletter and that have livened up these days under the banner of #restiamoacasa (let’s stay home). Five topics that weave a plot made of stories, memories, inspirations and photos of the brand’s founder and his 25 years spent designing jewelry. A plot that recalls the first collection, Appassionata, launched in 1996, in which gold formed a slinky, soft and fabric-like weave, an invention that became Roberto Coin’s trademark. Today and exactly as he did then, he summarizes the sense of his work with these words: “I have never wanted to be recognizable at first glance, I have always wanted to give every woman a different jewel capable of celebrating her uniqueness. That is why my own signature is a hidden ruby, visible only to the person wearing my jewelry.” And so, from the fascinating interaction between hands and technology, thanks to the utmost precision and experimentation of a high-jewelry atelier at the service of uniqueness, from the chapter on “Nature and its Realm” here are highly realistic animals, both in their rendering and touch, and from Uniqueness, cocktail rings and necklaces to die for, where the size and importance of the stones express the grace and elegance of refined design. 

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