Names to Know: Anapsara

Jewels by Anapsara reveal spiritual messages that instil energy and beauty

Fireflies spend years in the water before they can complete their metamorphosis and transform into magical creatures that hover in the air. In the same way, the Anapsara collections, which are inspired precisely by fireflies, transform their appearance into innovatively wonderful jewels. Founded in the ancestral atmosphere of the island of Ibiza in 2014, the brand is the culmination of a shamanic and spiritual journey undertaken by its designer and founder Eugenia Shekhtman. «The firefly is featured as the logo of the brand and inspires the design of all of my creations. I chose it for its deep spiritual meaning. It symbolises rebirth, transformation, and the perception of our inner self. Through the collections, I wanted to convey my evolutionary journey,» says Eugenia who, before embarking upon her adventure in the jewelry world, spent 25 years working in the fashion industry. Perhaps this is why all of her jewels – created predominately in white and pink gold, with white and black diamonds and rubies – stand out for their contemporary, glamorous style: «I try to present precious jewels that are also functional and can be worn every day. Above all, I want women to be able to buy them for themselves, without waiting for a man to do so for them.»

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