Names to Know: Lenka Kerlicka

Celebrating and preserving artisan art in modern society and transmit it to future generation: this is the mission of Lenka Kerlicka

It is impossible to delineate the jewelry created by Lenka Kerlicka. Their design derives from an idea of perpetual movement, obtained through manual techniques that mold gold. Add to this a game of light created by diamonds that, merging with the unprecedented organic shapes, generate a bewitching visual dance. Every item is created by skillful artisans in the atelier in the historic center of Prague, where she was born. A decision that complies with the designers wish to celebrate and preserve artisan art in modern society and transmit it to future generation. 

Wrap Delicate Gold Ring No. 04

A band ring inspired by air. Its design aims to capture flowing motion and transform it into something tangible through hand beveling.

Wrap Oval Gold Earrings No. 02

Like drops in motion inspired by the flow of air, these earrings adorn the lobe with their delicate yet material appearance.

Fusion Diamond Bracelet No. 01

A rigid bracelet in which the material surface of the gold is combined with the glitter effect of diamonds. The shiny gems, positioned internally, are a reminder of all the things we hold dear.

Big Organic Diamond Earrings No. 02

A pair of earrings that bring to mind the movement of a constellation. Made in gold and diamonds, their sinuous arrangement encourages us to embrace our uniqueness.

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