Names to Know: Prounis Jewelry

“Meso-Greco-Aleppo.” This is how Jean Prounis, American but with a French name and Greek origins, de nes the style of her jewelry. She founded her homonymous brand in 2017 but her creations preserve the taste and style of an ancient family heritage. Born from the designer’s desire to celebrate the cultural wealth she was brought up with, the Prounis brand brings classic Greek-Roman elements back to life as well as the 1940s’ glamour of the Big Apple when her great- grandfather, Otto Prounis, was co-owner of the Versailles Club. This famous cabaret club used to be opposite the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York and often boasted performances from Edith Piaf, Perry Como and Texas Guinan. 


How it used to be

All the jewelry is worked by hand in New York using ancient goldsmith techniques, the same of 5,000 years ago artifacts. The alloy used, an ancient blend of 22-carat gold, ne silver and copper, is malleable: over time, the jewelry adapts to the shape of the person wearing it.


Tribute to tHe Versailles Club

Every item of Prounis jewelry comes in a hand-made, genuine suede, sage-green case. A color that was not a random choice since it aims to pay tribute to the Prou- nis family by evoking the color of the table linen at the Versailles night club.

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    jean prounis

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