Ofée & Viollina: Our Two Names to Know

Innovative, contemporary and playful: they are the jewels of two talented brands absolutely to know


Freedom and movement, applied to jewelry. Anne Bougon-Scélo, founder of the Parisian brand Ofée, had clear ideas about the styles of her jewels, created to become everyday accessories for feminine and modern wear. Starting in 2014, the French designer revolutionized the way we wear earrings, with the Earrings Bar collection, based on an innovative and playful concept, which allows women to invent their own model, choosing from 8,000 combinations of single pieces that can be assembled according to personal tastes and desires. Everything comes in clean, simple lines, embellished by gold and diamonds, which mirror the body’s movement, becoming a precious and casual extension.

  • Offe: Anne Bougon-Scélo

    Offe: Anne Bougon-Scélo

  • Earring from the Variation III collection

    Earring from the Variation III collection

  • The Babylon ear jewels

    The Babylon ear jewels


Being happy and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Isn’t this also what wearing a jewelry piece is all about? YiHong Kim is most definitely convinced. This is why, in 2016, she founded her jewelry brand - Viollina - after various collaborations with international fashion labels. The young Korean designer has a single ambition: bring to life creations that make the style of the wearer all the more special. «My designs will help all the jewelry lovers in the world to shine in their own unique way», says YiHong. Music, film, memories and everyday life are all sources of inspiration. Her style boasts bold minimalist, design, and this is the distinctive trait: a balanced mix of classic and contemporary shapes.

  • Viollina: YiHong Kim

    Viollina: YiHong Kim

  • Single earring inspired by the Korean alphabet

    Single earring inspired by the Korean alphabet

  • A piece from the New Harmony collection

    A piece from the New Harmony collection

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