Passion for Buckles

From one of the richest collections of buckles in the world, a book that weaves the history of costume, art and jewellery

  • Buckles with snakes

    Buckles with snakes

Milan, Pinacoteca di Brera. Superlative location the one chosen for the presentation of the book Storia della fibbia tra moda e gioiello (1700-1950) through the Pennasilico Collection, by Bianca Cappello and Samuele Magri, published by Skira.

To introduce the theme, in the Sala della Passione, a panel of guests able to outline the strong link between costume, art and jewellery over the centuries. Among these, Roberto Favaro, Deputy Director of the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Luca Ghirardosi, professor of set design, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Paola Venturelli, Art historian, museum curator and professor of Gold Arts, Maurizio Manca, Bijioux Bozart, and Antonella Garello, the Italian Orafo.

A jewel that, since ancient times, has always represented that something more able to enrich every type of clothing, from the most casual to the most luxurious, and is still proposed by the biggest fashion houses. An indicator element of social status, therefore, as told by the two authors.
A prestigious volume created thanks to the contribution of the Pennasilico Collection, one of the most significant in the world.

Bianca Cappello, historian and critic of jewellery, lecturer at Galdus in Milan and member of the Society of Jewellery Historians of London.
Samuele Magri, art and fashion historian, lecturer at IED in Milan.

Presentation Thursday 28 March, 2.30pm, Sala della Passione.

  • Bakelite buckles

    Bakelite buckles

  • Alpacca and cabochon buckle

    Alpacca and cabochon buckle

  • golden silver buckle and netsuke

    golden silver buckle and netsuke

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