Pink. The Queen of Diamonds

Argyle, the biggest pink diamonds mine in the world, is almost depleted. But, if nothing lasts forever, the beauty of its gems is destined to enchant for all eternity, as some iconic jewelry prove

  • The Argyle mine, Kimberley region, Australia.

    The Argyle mine, Kimberley region, Australia.

There are very few stories in which enchantment and poetry merge with much more pragmatic issues such as business and economy, but if we speak of a pink diamond, whose value lies in its very rarity, these so very distant worlds necessarily unite in an intricate plot. This gem is currently the most valuable and coveted especially since the mining giant, Rio Tinto, announced that the Argyle mine will close at the end of 2020. It is one of the most important pink diamond “resources”: a vast site in the remote region of Kimberley in north-west Australia, where, from 1983 to date, the most precious stones have been found. «As the end of this extraordinary mine’s life cycle approaches, we have seen unceasing demand for these truly unique diamonds» said Alan Chirgwin (Vice President of Sales and Marketing), in New York at the auction of the latest Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2019 collection. Yes, because Rio Tinto annually organizes exclusive events where experts, collectors and jewelers are invited to make sealed bids on the diamonds. Prices can exceed millions of dollars per carat. A trusted network of masters who, over the years, have created spectacular jewelry, gravitate around this elitist “business”. Here are some of the most noteworthy.

Lotus Flower Brooch, by Gimel
Slender and supple, even fragile we might say, but of inestimable value. The splendid Lotus Flower brooch by Gimel, impeccably captures the elegance and delicacy of the flower which, in oriental culture, symbolizes resurrection and vitality. Kaoru Kay Akihara, head designer of the Japanese brand, works in a laboratory near Japan’s Setonaikai national park and usually represents nature in her fascinating creations. In making this piece, she used over 5 carats of Argyle pink diamonds for the upper part of the flower, another 17 carats of yellow and white diamonds, as well as green garnets and blue sapphires to decorate the rest of the flower. All on a platinum and yellow gold base.

Pink 2

Platinum and yellow gold Lotus Flower brooch with pink, yellow and white diamonds, green garnets and blue sapphires, Gimel. 

Wisteria Brooch, by Kashikey
The Japanese company Kashikey was founded in 1928. Only a brand with almost a century’s expertise can generate such a meticulous and particular piece of work. In fact, it took a good two years to make the Wisteria brooch, a masterpiece of immense value, not only for the quantity of precious gems used, but also for the craftsmanship and poetry that it englobes. The brooch was designed to lay over the shoulder but can also be worn as a necklace. Over 65 carats of white and pink Argyle diamonds have been set to precisely construct the intricacy of wisteria branches as they sway in the wind. The addition of tsavorites completes the design, giving the item a touch of hyperrealism. 

Pink 3

Pink, blue and white diamond Argyle Blossom ring, Glajz.

Argyle Blossom Ring, by Glajz
Six pink and blue diamonds for a total of 3.22 carats, framed by another 1,16 carats of pink diamonds. The Argyle Blossom ring is an iconic item worth about 2 million Euros and is inspired by the range of intense shades in the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2016 collection. It was produced by the Singapore brand Glajz, a consolidated partner which, over the years, has created several limited editions with Argyle diamonds. Soft shades of pink and intense violet hues char- acterize the ring’s floral design which features a large, round, brilliant-cut, 0,33-carat purple diamond in the center. The petals, on the other hand, are made of white diamonds outlined by over one carat of blue diamonds. A complex setting of more than one carat of Argyle pink diamonds completes this extraordinary jewel. 

Pink 1

White and pink diamond Wisteria brooch, Kashikey. 

220th Anniversary Necklace, by Boodles
This item is considered as one of the most interesting in the history of Boodles. It is no coincidence that the brand, whose cornerstone is British craftsmanship, created this necklace to celebrate its 220th anniversary. A piece that represents the vibrant tension between the historic brand’s past, present and future with a design created using Ashoka-cut white diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds. The fine threads that flow forwards from above signify the past, the large central knot symbolizes the present while the big diamond pendants outline the various strands of the future. The pink diamonds have a particular value as they recall the pale pink of the logo, which is an integral part of the brand’s heritage.

Pink 4

Above. 220th Anniversary necklace with white and pink diamonds, Boodles 

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