Pomellato: A Portrait of Success

Pomellato turns fifty and celebrates with a special collection and a campaign, by Peter Lindbergh, designed as a tribute to women

It was 1967. Pino Rabolini, founder of the Maison, habitually went to the Caffè Jamaica in the Brera area, a meeting point for intellectuals and artists. It was an important period for new social and global awareness that brought down a world of formalism and conventions to assert a new power that shunned the restrained rituals of Haute Couture and corporate formalism to give new impulse to the younger generations, women and creative minds. This intellectual impulse led Pino Rabolini to create Pomellato, which became synonymous of global jewelry, fashion and anti-conformism.  A proudly Milanese brand with strong values linked to craftsmanship yet, at the same time, faithful to a style that incarnates beauty and gives power to female leadership. Fifty years have gone by and Pomellato, bought in 2013 by Kering, a global luxury group, now has a woman,Sabina Belli, in its top role of CEO, the ambassador of the mission that was so dear to Rabolini and which is still extremely valid for the new ownership: look to sophisticated and independent women, loyal customers of the brand since 1967 and now mothers of a new generation of women who are also independent and emancipated.

The Tango necklace by Pomellato
Sabina Belli not only takes a wealthy know-how to the Pomellato group, acquired during a lengthy professional career in the world of luxury, but also a decidedly feminine approach: an empathetic and sophisticated perspective of business; new impulse that starts exactly from a deep understanding of the female universe.  As she says «Women have a unique power: they are hospitable, open to everyone and open to life. I would like women to perceive Pomellato as a distributor of beauty that is always and only on their side.» Innumerable initiatives and projects are planned to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary. In March, the new photographic advertising campaign by Peter Lindbergh was launched. The German photographer is a member of a pantheon of unforgettable artists who have worked in black and white for the company — Newton in the Eighties, Michel Comte in the Nineties — with a project that offers the scene to women who enjoy the electrifying freedom of being themselves day after day.

From the Pomellato backstage of the advertising campaign by Steven Lindberg
This new advertising campaign also marks the launch of the new Ritratto collection, a tribute to the ‘portrait cut,’ an ancient Indian cut characterized by large stones. In Indian jewelry, these stones were used to cover portraits and miniatures, hence the name. Inspired by the opulence of Indian jewelry, Ritratto amplifies the concept of new, precious, unconventional and difficult-to-find stones, enhanced by a meticulous artisan process. This collection once again highlights the magical union between Milanese craftsmanship and a creative impulse with an international air, with one hundred master craftsmen who, every day, create, experiment and produce jewelry, continuing to nurture the tradition of iconic items that made the Maison’s history.
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