Pomellato Trains the Goldsmiths of the Future

The Pomellato jewelry house and Galdus professional school are working together to train the goldsmiths of the future, with an academic program that has an increasing focus on sustainability

Schools, institutions and companies are three distinct worlds that don’t often overlap. So, when they do, the results offer interesting and strategic prospects for the future. The press conference entitled ‘Pomellato Virtuosi: between craftsmanship and sustainability’ held yesterday during Milan Fashion Week discussed this. It was an opportunity to talk about the ‘Pomellato Virtuosi’ project the jewelry house began with the Galdus professional school. The aim of the project is to train students in the jewelry sector and offer them secure job opportunities. At least 150 young people were involved in the project and of these, half have already found work in the sector.
«We did it,» began Diego Montrone, president of Galdus, when speaking with Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato and Melania Rizzoli, education, training and employment assessor for the region of Lombardy. Sabina Belli shared her enthusiasm and during her speech, she talked about Milan as a hub for sectors with great economic strength, about Italy being the only country in the world to combine creativity and technology, and about sustainability as a now crucial ethical value: «The challenge we are all facing is that of creating a jewel in a sustainable and responsible way. The expertise of our artisans is essential to an approach that focuses on traceability and the protection of the environment along the gold-and-jewelry production chain. This is our vision of jewelry and it’s what we want to pass on to the young talent participating in the Pomellato Virtuosi program, in partnership with Galdus, a unique and exclusive opportunity for experimentation and creativity.» The program will continue with the addition of further topics about colored stones and management. In fact, Pomellato boasts unique expertise in the production of colored stones, which are processed through extremely innovative cutting and embedding techniques. The company seriously intends to pursue sustainable techniques, launching a new protocol specifically dedicated to colored gems.

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