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Beauty, craftsmanship, entrepreneurial skills and made in Italy quality await you at the most high-end pavilion in Vicenzaoro

«In order to grow, you absolutely need to feel that you belong to something or someone. It might be a loved one, an ideology, a flag, a faith, a friend or a teacher. » This decisive-sounding statement comes from Roberto Coin on being asked by VO+ Magazine about the meaning of the communities that for years have characterized the Vicenzaoro - The Jewelry Boutique Show format, and ICON in particular, which groups together the most prestigious and high-end brands on the international scene. And indeed, as of the March 2022 edition, the event’s official claim has been “All at Once” with the precise aim of emphasizing how the trade show is a unique and strategic moment for the entire supply chain to come together and work as a system. Coin has always been a regular at the Vicenza event, as have numerous other brands that carry the banner of Made in Italy in the jewelry sector: Fope, with its iconic, patented, flexible gold link chains; Damiani, the heart of a family business but a multi-brand company with global appeal; Annamaria Cammilli, with its focus on traditional craftsmanship applied to contemporary design; and Fabergé, Schreiner, Yoko London, Luisa Rosas and Sutra Jewels, for an international touch, and Crivelli from among the ubiquitous Valenza-based companies. And Alessia Crivelli, the company’s Marketing Manager, also agrees on the importance of dialogue between the industry's stakeholders by making adirect reference to an initiative that recently saw her company play a leading role in a travelling event in Italian theatres. «Since last spring, we have been partners in an original initiative organized by Harper's Bazaar magazine, which has already been held in Naples, Florence and Venice. The idea was to give our main retailers and, through them, Crivelli's top customers, a special evening. Moments to share, get to know each other better and put a face to those who make jewelry and those who appreciate it. Both sides of the same coin, so to speak, united by retailers, those indispensable intermediaries. Today more than ever, the added value in our lives is the time we spend together during which we can compare notes as well as share emotions to remember. Thanks to those convivial moments before and after the performances, we all had the feeling that we had made an upgrade, a leap forward in our relationship, and now, seeing each other again at the show will help consolidate this important result.»

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    Roberto Coin

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    Yoko London

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