Ready for VOICE

A tailor-made event created in response to the companies’ desire to restart and re-establish those fundamental relations with the supply chain and international markets.

From Vicenzaoro January 2020 to VOICE. Nine months that have revolutionized the world and led to a substantial change of approach to business. And so, IEG steps in with incredible timing, to re-shape the format of its events, proposing, for the first time, what we could call the “world economic forum” of Italian and international jewelry. The driving force of VOICE is its “digital native” content which, for three days, will appear on two stages for the whole world to see. Here, examples of excellence, first-hand accounts and sector studies will alternate with cycles of educational meetings with university teachers, talks on digital innovation and the universe of gems, all transmitted in real time through the website and social network channels, YouTube, Facebook and, of course, Instagram. And exactly due to its smart digital features, even the way the talks are staged has changed, with a production team, filming, lights, rhythm and quality, just like a television show.
And that’s not all. “The Restart-Show” is also the first physical, post lockdown event where around 400 exhibitors can finally meet. The stands are subdivided into open modules, designed with the need for social distancing in mind for safety reasons, and have the mood, purposefully studied by IEG’s expert team, of a large, smart showroom, in line with this year’s particular situation but always under the banner of elegance for which the Vicenza trade shows are renowned. All with an array of outstanding companies covering the entire supply chain, from suppliers of technology and machinery to the finished fashion or high range jewelry product.



Ethical business, supply chain responsibility, best practice. VOICE tackles many aspects and fields linked to the theme of sustainability

 A topic of considerable debate and relevance that opens numerous fronts and spheres for discussion especially in the post-Covid age. From the final consumer’s expectations to responsibilities linked to supply chain transparency, the principles of ethical business and the new codes that must govern the industry’s activities. Furthermore, the new international rules for defining a new classification for coral colors to assist both traders and consumers are to be defined at VOICE. CIBJO, Assocoral and the Responsible Jewellery Council are the three players that, on the stage of VOICE, will be sharing visions, projects and strategies for the future of a sector that is in need of ever greater transparency and ethicality.



Technology to support industry both in the workshop and online. A topic under discussion on the VOICE stage with authoritative speakers and among the stands with the entrepreneurs who create high-tech

Great artisan skill on the one hand and sophisticated technology on the other. Jewelry manufacturing is the perfect union of these two totally opposing yet perfectly integrable elements. High-tech, an increasingly more important segment of the industry and the pride of Made in Italy jewelry, will also be taking the stage at VOICE, with first-hand players and opinion leaders, associations and entrepreneurs, under the supervision of Club degli Orafi Italia. On the same stage, Assocoral and CIBJO, with a focus on classifying the color range of Mediterranean coral. And while, at the exhibition level, the TGold and TEvolution formats usually represent the high-tech soul of Vicenzaoro, VOICE lives up to the legacy: in the Creation, Creation Components and Evolution TGold areas, a large number of companies specializing in the design and construction of machinery able to cover the entire “making” cycle of a jewelry item will be in exhibiting their offers together with semi-processed goods and components of every kind.



Trends to seize immediately and, if possible, in advance. Not only in jewelry but also in the high watchmaking world and, why not, even in precious stones. All on stage at VOICE

 What will happen in the jewelry world? What types of jewelry will become popular? How will the market evolve and how will the way we buy jewels change? VOICE will dedicate an entire day to trends and design in order to answer the most frequently asked questions posed by industry professionals. The VO+ Talk entitled “Filling the Gap: What’s Missing between Brands and Retail” will take place along with the much-anticipated Trendvision Talk on cultural phenomena and directions in style from Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, which will present “The Jewellery Trendbook 2022+,” now in its nineteenth edition and available in digital format. Discussion will also turn to the world of watches, digital innovation in retail, and the universe of stones with in-depth information provided during the various Gem Talks held in collaboration with the Istituto Gemmologico Italiano.

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