Reinventing Cameos at the Venice Biennale Arte

Two contemporary artists reimagined the ancient art of the Cameo with a special jewelry collection presented by Liz Swig at the Venice Biennale

Contemporary artists Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman are the two talents behind “Cameo”: a very special jewelry collection, which just made its debut at the Venice Biennale. It was presented by Liz Swig, the founder of Lizworks, a dynamic and ever-changing platform for creative collaboration with some of the world’s most important contemporary artists. «I have always been fascinated with cameos and the artistry behind them, and equally as fascinated with the dialogue of tradition and contemporary – explained Mrs Swig in an interview on - and bringing them together. The cameo felt like an art form that was asking to be given a new dialogue and perspective in our present times. Both Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman seemed like the perfect artists to create this new dimension in the world of cameos.» The collection is composed of nine pieces: Cindy Sherman created two rings, Halo and Baby, one pendant called Spa, and one pair of earrings, Pensive. Catherine Opie gave birth to one ring, one pair of cufflinks, one pendant, one pair of earrings, and a standalone piece. The aim of the project was to completely reimagining on one of the oldest forms of portraiture, dating back to ancient Greece when the profiles of the Gods of Olympus were first carved in agate. The result is a selection of tiny amazing objects which show a perfect balance between art and jewelry.

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