Sales at the Time of Covid-19 Collapse up to 50%

From Federpreziosi the first analysis that monitors the situation of the Italian goldsmith sector and guides companies

Federpreziosi signed the first market analysis, ten days after the first precautionary measures were launched. Let's see specifically what happens to sales. A drop estimated in percentage and referred to its own activity, in a time span from February 22nd until 4pm on March 9th, the date of compilation of the form submitted to 500 goldsmith operators. Compared to the same period of the previous year, 26.3% reported a drop of 40-50%, 19.5% from 30 to 40%, while another 19.1% suffered from a reduction of approximately 20-30%.
52.5% believe that the declaration of a state of disaster for the whole country and for all sectors and the consequent extension of the measures to support the red zones to the whole territory is almost inevitable. At the same time, a strong push to trade and to the image of Italy in the world is deemed necessary, with initiatives for the national and international promotion of Made in Italy (44.7%).
The sample of operators who made their valuable contribution in defining a first picture of the situation is made up of 83% of retail companies, about 8.5% of manufacturing companies and the remaining 8.5% of wholesalers and other types of business. These are mostly micro and very small enterprises, 55.3% of which consist of a single employee and which, for 41%, can instead count to ten employees.
Among the measures identified by Confcommercio to counter the economic damage of Coronavirus, the first considered indispensable by about 71% of the sample of Italian goldsmith operators who participated in the survey is the suspension of IRPEF, INPS and INAIL payments. Following, with approximately ten percentage points of posting (59.9%), the appropriations for the allocation of extraordinary contributions for the support to businesses, the extension of the payments of local taxes for all territories and all categories are considered fundamental (58.2%), concessions to encourage companies' liquidity and a moratorium for the next installments on loans and leases (53.7%).
500 goldsmith operators who, over a weekend, filled in the online questionnaire proposed by Federpreziosi last Friday 7 March. «While aware that these data are to be considered already outdated, given the rapid evolution of the scenario and the expansion of the state of emergency to the whole national territory ordered by the Government, starting today March 10th, we believe they are an important first step to monitor the situation and guide our companies», concludes Federpreziosi in a note.

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