Scenography Collection by Irène Paris

Belgian designer, Marie Genon, makes in scale architectonic models of Karl Lagerfeld’s sets, managing to create miniature jewelry inspired by the Grand Palais in Paris

Entitled Scenography, for Marie Genon, designer of Irène - a name that pays tribute to her grandmother and to the Greek word Eiréné that means "peace" - it represents the natural evolution of her time as an artist spent creating spectacular fittings with scenographer, Stefan Lubrina, for Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion shows for Chanel. «My first fine jewelry collection is an offshoot of models I made for the fashion shows at the Grand Palais. The same passion, the same workmanship, the same resolute approach, like the play on light and movement to reduce that majestic building to scale, a building that, for many years, was the voice of my creativity. The Scenography collection is a tribute to Parisian architecture and its decor, but, at the same time, it is a manifesto that invites further reflection on the way to make jewelry. Conceived in three acts like a theatrical performance, Scenography transforms the Grand Palais into three one-of-a-kind pieces: ring, brooch and cuff. The Palais structure becomes gold and its glass roof is made of crystal and diamonds. A chameleon-like work that reduces a real-life, 240-meter long and 45-meter high, architectonic model to an extremely valuable and wearable micro miniature. Every detail, every curve that defines the building has been meticulously re-interpreted so that even the jewelry does not lose that graphic equivalence that makes the architectonic masterpiece so unique. Scenography is a story of lines, curves, perspectives and time that finds its starting point in the decoration and its source of inspiration in the scenography

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