Scott Armstrong's Talent

It is very much true in Scott Armstrong’s case that fortune favors the young, because this 21-year-old has already had an exhibition sponsored by Chaumet and recognition from the press and international top buyers

  • blob collection ring

    blob collection ring

The story of Scott Armstrong is something that really stands out. A bit like his first jewelry collection created for his final project at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. One such person who noticed his pieces and, most especially his style — which is rich in character despite his 21 years — was none other than Valery Demure, owner of the homonym agency in London. Last April, she mentioned him in Wallpaper, in her jewelry hot list as a «very promising designer». But his popularity was already off the charts even before, as he finished up a program that has most opened the doors wide unto a glorious future. «This is an amazing course and I would recommend it to anyone open minded about pursuing jewelry. The variety of avenues you are led to explore over the four years enables you to graduate feeling adept at turning your hand to any number of projects within the wider creative world.» This open minded approach led to his participation and a successful design during the di cult challenge launched last year by Chaumet. «I had to design a 21st-century tiara. This piece went on to be exhibited as part of a 230-year anniversary show at The Place Museum, in Beijing. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity of making my mark within a maison with such an illustrious heritage.» This is one talented 21-year-old designer to keep an eye on. He has benefitted from an education that has made the most of his potential, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s quite bold, despite his young age, which has allowed him to take on great challenges. Becoming a small part of the 'history' of haute joaillerie.

  • gold, diamonds, ruby and cacholong ring

    gold, diamonds, ruby and cacholong ring

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    gold, diamonds and separate cacholong ring

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    gold, red ochre and jesmonite ring

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