Shifting: The New VO+ September Issue

In Latin, the word omnēque meant “things of value.” It is from here that we want to start to describe this September issue, from the word chosen by curators and jewelry historians, Vivienne Becker and Joanna Hardy for their new digital project devoted to jewelry “with experience”, or rather, vintage jewelry. A little ancient world that is now making a striking comeback and which we will also be investigating with the CEO of Auverture, a digital platform specifically for contemporary jewelry that has recently launched a new section dedicated entirely to the jewelry of bygone days. The world of yesteryear and today’s totally upended situation are also the underlying theme in an interview with Camille Vever, who is relaunching her family’s historical brand, a pioneer of Art Nouveau, and a close look at amber, that mysterious stone, surrounded by magic, around which Fawaz Gruosi’s creative Renaissance revolves. In the dossier, we will be reporting instead on the macro business and product trends for the next five years, identified in a report compiled by McKinsey in collaboration with The Business of Fashion, enriched with an authoritative comment of what it means to be an international brand even when the company’s size and values are not exactly those of a luxury multi-national. And if it is true that freedom to create comes before everything else, as Frédéric Boucheron said, then once again in this issue, we have allowed extraordinary jewelry to express itself in all its magnificence, including the latest holographic collection by the French maison.

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